The Rad Review Episode 5: Am / Are I MRI Compatible?

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Rupal Jain
Rupal Jain
Resuscitationist interested in #MedEd and Emergency Radiology. Secret Superpower: x-ray vision, obvs. Other: Audiovisual learner enthusiastic about creating some audiovisual educational content

The Pre-brief

Is your patient compatible with MRI? This video has all the answers.

The Debrief

Pearl #1: Non-contrast MRI is safe in pregnancy. Until further research, the consensus is gadolinium in pregnancy is contraindicated. 

Pearl #2: Implanted metals carry the risk of: 1) dislodgment 2) thermal injury 3) interference with electrical/mechanical components of device 4) imaging artifacts. 

Pearl #3: Make no assumptions about the safety of your patient undergoing MRI examination. Err on the side of caution. Identify the manufacturer and model and visit and be proactive in discussing potential contraindications with the radiologist. 


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