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by Haney Mallemat


Haney Mallemat • Editor in Chief

Educator and Resuscitationist. Bringing together great minds to better resuscitate the critically ill.

Airway / Ventilation

Matt Siuba • Senior Editor

Intensivist focused on the art of minimally invasive, maximally attentive ICU care (i.e. #Zentensivism). Clinical interests include severe forms of respiratory failure, shock management (especially RV failure), and ICU procedures

Steve Haywood • Senior Editor

Former Respiratory Therapist working to de-mystify the ventilator through hands-on workshops and online education. Additional interests include HFNC in CHF and COPD, Medical Education, and Tupperware

Terren Trott • Editor

Critical Care and Emergency Medicine trained from Cooper University Hospital in Camden, NJ, and University of Kentucky in Lexington, KY as well as an Ultrasound Fellowship at the University of Kentucky.  Interested in all things airway, resuscitation, and ultrasound for the critically ill.  He is the lead editor of

Aman Thind • Editor

Aman is a critical care medicine fellow at the Cleveland Clinic. Interests: Cardiopulmonary physiology, shock, mechanical ventilation, and ARDS. Music genres: Blues, Rock, and Heavy metal

Cardiac Arrest & Trauma

Zaf Qasim • Editor

Prehospital, emergency department, trauma, ICU – providing resuscitation and critical care where it’s needed!

Mohamed Hagahmed • Senior Editor

Chaser of lights and siren with Coffee in hand. Resuscitationist and #MedEd enthusiast

Jeff Pepin • Editor

ER Doc at the University of Minnesota and Critical Care Air Transport Physician in the United States Air Force. Special interest in complex resuscitation

Ashika Jain • Editor

Trying to understand the lifelong lesson that is the art of medicine is an ongoing and daily practice.  An emergency physician with a hankering for emergency ultrasound and trauma critical care with a sprinkling of global health. She strives to continue her journey to become a better teacher, student, and most of all, clinician, oh, and a good cook, maybe a hiker too.  

The Sub-Specialties

Eduardo R Argaiz • Editor

Internal Medicine Resident – Aspiring Nephrologist – Crazy about POCUS, Venous Congestion and AKI. PhD: Molecular physiology of renal sodium and electrolyte handling

Samantha Dallefeld • Editor

Pediatric Intensivist, Saving little lives and IG’ing about it. Please add coffee. And dogs

Nick Mark • Editor

Dad striving to find simplicity and order within chaos, both in #MedEd and in life.

Colin McCloskey • Editor

Loves mechanical circulatory support and brunch. Not necessarily in that order.

Fraser McKay • Editor

EM-CCM. Interests include: Ultrasound, Liver resuscitation and support, sepsis care

Sharad Patel • Editor

Professional Intensivist/Nephrologist/Dad, and very amateur surfer and coder

Radiology & Ultrasound

Rupal Jain • Editor

Resuscitationist interested in #MedEd and Emergency Radiology. Secret Superpower: x-ray vision, obvs. Other: Audiovisual learner enthusiastic about creating some audiovisual educational content

Siri Chamarti • Editor

Sonolover of black, white and >50 shades of grey

Gurkeerat "GK" Singh • Editor

Critical care physician with passion for everything related to echocardiography

The Vitals

Shyam Murali • Senior Editor

Academic Chief Resident at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center, pursuing a surgical critical care fellowship. His first steps into FOAMed started off with him learning something new each day and sharing it with MedTwitter. Days off include jamming on his saxophone, making EDM remixes, and spending quality time with his wife and puppy.

Sunil Ramaswamy • Editor

Hospitalist, Critical Care Fellow, guitarist, world-wanderer, and espresso enthusiast. Love all things critical care.

Michael Javid • Editor

Hospitalist, medical educator, gamer, FOAMed content creator for the @bedsideroundz social media empire

Procedural Skills

Harman Gill • Editor

Hello Resucitationists, it’s my honor to be a part of this team.  I am eager to share with you my thoughts, pearls picked up along the way, and look forward to questioning you on what is dogma and what has evidence and what is purely myth… I expect nothing else in return from you. Let’s play!

Pharmacology & Toxicology

Lauren Igneri • Editor

Critical care pharmacist and proud Rutgers University graduate. Enjoys rock climbing, cycling, travel, and lively discussions on the finer points of pharmacokinetics and critical care over a beer with friends.

Rachel Rafeq • Editor

Emergency medicine pharmacist and toxicology enthusiast. Trained in medication safety and I apply that to everything. I love photography and world schooling my kids.

Nishika Patel • Editor

Critical care pharmacist with a fondness for cats, wine, and all things vintage. Also an insta-nerd who likes to teach ICU tidbits on her IG page.

Graphic & Web Design

Sam Epstein • Illustrator

Aspiring Medical Student and current Critical Care RN. Enjoys everything outdoors but can also be found inside nerding out on her medical education artwork

Rahel Gizzy • Illustrator

Emergency Medicine Resident and MedED Enthusiast. Learning and teaching medicine one doodle at a time! 

Sharleen Yuan • Graphic Design

She is a resident in the Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine program at the University of Maryland Medical Center. She’s a researcher in Forensic Psychology and Biomedical Neuroscience, however, her greatest accomplishment is the ability to rap most of Eminem’s repertoire of music. Sharleen is the infographic wizard of CriticalCareNow.


Jeremy Greenberg • Contributor

Intensivist and physician detective bringing mindfulness, calm, and compassion to medical education and the bedside

Eddy Gutierrez • Contributor

Intensivist who runs the website Taking the best care of his patients that he can and teaching others to do the same.

Kami Hu • Contributor

Program Director, EMIM & EMIMCC Residency Assistant Professor, Departments of Emergency & Internal Medicine, University of Maryland School of Medicine

Viren Kaul • Contributor

Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine physician at Crouse Health and an Assistant Professor of Medicine at SUNY Upstate Medical University. His clinical interests include airway and ventilator management, pleural and mediastinal diseases, education, and interstitial lung diseases. 

Evie Marcolini • Contributor

Emergency physician, Neurointensivist and Ethicist.  Focusing on the most important organ.  Coming back in the next life as a Siberian Husky

Tim Montrief • Contributor

Wants to live in a world filled with entertaining medical education, cutting-edge resuscitation, and an unlimited amount of Cuban coffee. With more than a few years of editorial and FOAMed experience, he’s obsessed with innovating new ways of creating amazing content that’s absurdly useful and effective for learners of all levels.

Segun Olusanya • Contributor

Critical Care, Compassion and Cake at 1540m/s

Phil Rola • Contributor

Aficionado of resus, pocus (Especially VExUS!) and physiologically personalized medicine

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