SBI: Focus on Feedback

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The Pre-brief

There are a lot of different strategies for giving feedback. While they are great to know, sometimes in the moment you just need a quick, easy reminder of how to give effective feedback. 

By memorizing the SBI model, you will have a framework for giving feedback you can use anytime:




Let’s take a closer look at this model with some examples.

Situation: The time and place

“I noticed earlier when we were in the resuscitation bay…”

“I have some feedback from our shift this morning…”

“Let’s talk about that procedure you just performed…”

This allows your learner to better visualize the exact events on which you are about to give them feedback. The more specific you can be, the better.

Behavior: The thing you want to highlight/praise/improve

“…you were at the bedside performing an ultrasound when you were also the team leader…”

“…at one point I watched you bring a blanket and a cup of water to a patient…”

“…while you were putting in that chest tube the patient’s arm was hanging off the side of the stretcher…”

This should be something tangible and observable, so that the learner knows it is something that actually happened, directly related to their practice and not a personal characterization.

Impact: How the behavior affects people and situations 

“…when you directly participate in other tasks you can lose focus on the overall resuscitation. Consider standing at the foot of the bed and staying there.”

“…actions like that show compassion for your patients and help strengthen your relationship with them. People notice that stuff and it sets a good example for your colleagues.”

“…it can be difficult to access the intercostal space in that positioning. Having someone hold the patient’s arm above their head opens up space and makes your life easier.”

The impact can be on patients, colleagues, themselves, and even the person giving feedback. This is where the learning point usually reveals itself.

The Debrief

Learn the SBI model (Situation, Behavior, Impact) and keep it in your pocket as a way to give effective feedback anywhere, anytime.


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