ResusX:ReWired The Magical Lewis Lead

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Jessica Andrusaitis
Jessica Andrusaitis

ResusX:ReWired Volunteer

What is the Magical Lewis Lead? Dr. Amal Mattu gave a phenomenal lecture last year during ResusX:ReWired. The pearls from the lecture are found below.

Did you miss ResusX, don’t sweat it…we have the video free for you right here

Check out the video, read the notes below, and then register here for ResusX:ReLoaded. The conference will be even bigger and better than ever before!

  • Lewis lead is a modified ECG lead that augments the analysis of atrial activity
  • Useful when trying to determine VT vs atrial tachycardias
  • Here’s how to do it:
    • Move RA to the manubrium
    • Move LA to right 5th intercostal space next to sternum
    • Move LL to right lower costal margin
    • Lewis lead is read on lead I (but look everywhere for atrial activity)


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