Rad Review Episode 7: Code Blue MRI

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Rupal Jain
Rupal Jain
Resuscitationist interested in #MedEd and Emergency Radiology. Secret Superpower: x-ray vision, obvs. Other: Audiovisual learner enthusiastic about creating some audiovisual educational content

The Pre-brief

Ever Run a Code in MRI?

The above comic created by Dr. Jim Fulmer. For more great comics and insightful medical commentary from a seasoned hospitalist, follow @doctorwarsgame on Instagram.

The Debrief

  • Pearl #1: The Magnet is ALWAYS ON!
  • Pearl #2: Never attempt to run a code in Zone 4, or the magnet room. The patient will be moved to a predetermined magnetically-safe area, or Zone
  • Pearl #3: MRI Emergency Quench (turning off the magnet) is super rare and is only done in true emergency situations such as if a subject is pinned within or against the magnet or if there is a fire within the gantry that cannot be extinguished. 


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