Central Line Tips & Tricks: Part 4

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The Debrief

  1. Watch the video for all the tips on how to troubleshoot central lines
  2. Depending on the depth at which the wire gets stuck, there are different ways to troubleshoot when the wire doesn’t pass
  3. Consider the following techniques (based on where the wire gets stuck):
    • 2-10cm: remove the wire and needle and clear the needle of clots
    • 8-10cm: needle may have accidentally backwalled the vessel or come out of the vessel. Remove the wire, attach the syringe again and re-enter the center of the vessel.
    • 10-15cm: drop your angle, rotate your wire 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise
    • 15-25cm: pull back your wire and rotate slightly before advancing again (wire may get stuck at the IVC/subclavian junction)


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