CATscan DOGmalysis Part 1

the rad review episode 3
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The Pre-brief

Let’s do some DOGmalysis for CATscans 

The Debrief:

  • Pearl #1: Certain CT scans deliver more radiation to patients than others. Obtaining a CTA of the chest as opposed to a dry CT scan of the chest offers double the effective radiation dose. Similarly, a CT of the abdomen/pelvis with and without contrast delivers double the effective radiation dose of a single-phase CT of the abdomen/ pelvis.
  • Pearl #2: CT with contrast should not obscure clinically significant ureteral stones. Just because the ureteral stone is on the differential, you do not have to order a CT both with and without contrast.
  • Pearl #3: The indication to order a triple-phase CT is to better characterize liver lesions.


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